All that is special in doors and windows is to be found in the detail, as it reflects the character of the space they embellish. Atelier Mandelli came into being to bring together the care and attention of an artisanal workshop and the resources of a constantly updated manufacturing processes designed to meet the needs of any project, both in terms of function and aesthetic design.

Handles Mandelli


Research and experiment inspire the Juno project
of Alessandro Dubini for MANDELLI1953.

The construction material used is concrete, which is hard and yet soft, almost velvet to the touch.

Colours are inspired by earthy hues, while contemporary and clean forms emphasise the originality and unquestioned leading role of the chosen material.


Engraving is the point where ornament and design meet.

Detailed decoration on the brass of the MANDELLI1953 handles is achieved by the use of such techniques as guilloche, using a manually guided machine.

The resulting patterns reflect both the artisan tradition and the employment of state of the art technology in an infinite array of designs.

Handles Mandelli
Handles Mandelli


Marble provides that perennial touch of class to interiors.

It is the ideal embellishment for timeless items in the MANDELLI1953 collection. It is the fulcrum
of ad hoc projects suggested by the elegance and uniqueness of Marquinia and of Calacatta.

Rigorously made in Italy, and entirely in line with our philosophy.


The soft and refined material is the ideal covering for projects from MANDELLI1953. Leather simply could not have been exclude from our Atelier, being ideal for stitching around each individual idea.

It is hand worked by expert artisan hands that work
to a vision inspired by the most current interior decoration trends.

Handles Mandelli