The elegance of gold and the modernist brilliance of chrome. Antique looks or sophisticated satin finishes. Every product is made of hard and resilient brass, while a whole bouquet of finishes means everyone can find the handle that best suits their own style.

Handles Mandelli


Can an already excellent material be improved upon?

The research department of MANDELLI1953 is sure that it can; which is why it is has developed its VITRIFIED FLUXCOATING system, a protective coating that enhances the appearance of the brass while ensuring it has a long life.

The product goes through a series of preliminary processes, followed by the application of coatings with special resins.

The result is excellent resistance to weathering, shock and abrasion, while the natural shine of the polished brass remains unchanged.

The FLUXCOATING treatment is available for the following finishes: MBR (mat bronze), MSN (mat satin nickel), AB (antique bronze), 28 (antique chrome).

Physical Vapor Deposition

An additional treatment applied to some MANDELLI 1953 products is PVD, which renders them highly resistant to abrasion, corrosion and bleaching, as well as making them suitable for outdoor and public places.

The treatment achieves truly remarkable results:

  • The bleaching resistance test shows no alteration even after a 1000 hour test, according to UNI 9337 norms;
  • High performances for the resistance test to CASS and AAS according to UNI ISO 9227 norms in salty fog chamber;
  • Very high surface hardness according to ASTM B578-93 norms of 2600 รท 2800 HV (standard chrome plated product shows an 800 HV value);
  • Perfect adhesion, exceeding UNI ISO 4524-5 norms;
  • Resistance to acids and alkalis (hydrochloric, sulphuric, cyanide etc…).

The treatment is available on models bearing the PVD symbol, that is to say for the rose/escutcheon version, and with the GOLD and CHROME INOX finishes.

Handles Mandelli