design handles

The Quest of Beaty

When an object is beautiful, everyone wants to have it. This is why MANDELLI1953 pays utmost attention to the aesthetics of its brass products: at Mandelli, we perceive the building as a beautiful lady, and the coordinated furnishings as her jewellery. It is the details that give value to doors and windows, whilst revealing the character of the owners of the house or of working spaces. This is the reason why our design centre is always at work and all collections are constantly updated. Creations are never by chance but are born out of meticulous research, to offer design handles to minimalists, contemporary handles to pragmatists, classic handles to traditionalists and country handles to naturalists.

DESIGN, CONTEMPORARY, CLASSIC and TUSCANY are the four MANDELLI1953 collections of handles with round roses, handles with square rose or recessed handles. Each corresponds to a segment of that vast territory that encompasses all customers’tastes. The core of every MANDELLI1953 product is in hard and resilient brass. Finishes can be gold, satin gold, chrome, satin chrome, matt satin nickel, satin nickel, matt black, burnished antique, sculpture bronze, matt burnished, burnished, French gold, 24 k gold and old silver

Made in Italy

From the choice of the brass, which is of the highest quality and wholly Italian, through to the packaging
of the finished handles, the whole of the production process is characterised by great care and attention to detail, here in the Brianza district of Italy.

MANDELLI1953 marks all its products “100% MADE IN ITALY”. The brand that MANDELLI1953 exports is not only a mark of excellence, but represents all the culture, art and manufacturing ability that has emerged from its Italian traditions, heritage and craftsmanship, while always, through all these years, drawing on the finest technologies available.

design handles
design handles


For MANDELLI1953 quality means, even before the technology, a whole series of actions, a code of conduct, stubbornness, a strategy of patience and a passion for detail.

All our handles are made in our own factory using only certified Italian brass. This is forged, turned, die cast, ground, vibrated, polished and satin-finished on the premises, as well as being treated with galvanising, metalizing (PVD) and varnishing processes.

The care taken over the quality of the finished product is unyieldingly constant, where it is the detail that makes the difference between a good product and an excellent one, something of which the company has always been very keenly aware.

Flat Components

MANDELLI1953 proposes, on all models, the new lowered mechanism for the DK system (6mm).

As with all MANDELLI1953 handles the mechanism is entirely made up of metal components. The moving parts have a special nickel coating that creates a uniform friction-free layer that is resistant to wear and corrosion.

The movement was laboratory tested according to RAL-RG 607/9, and while the standard provides for at least 10.000 turns, the MANDELLI1953 handles were subject to over 16.000 turns, equivalent to over 10 years’ normal usage.

design handles
design handles

Security DK Lever System

Only brass and steel. No plastic or any other materials likely to wear quickly.
The MANDELLI1953 handle security systems are made to last forever.

They are, moreover, invisible, with the rotation lock buttons discretely hidden at the back of the handle so as not to interfere with their aesthetic look.
Inside and outside security remains highly functional, ergonomic and easy to use.
Light pressure on the button unlocks rotation to turn the handle. As quick and easy as any quality product should be.

The secure magnetic DK-lever-system is available for oval plates on LINK, START and LARIO models.