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For MANDELLI1953 quality means, even before
the technology, a whole series of actions, a code of conduct, stubbornness, a strategy of patience and a passion for detail. All our handles are made in our own factory using only certified Italian brass.

This is forged, turned, die cast, ground, vibrated, polished and satin- finished on the premises, as well as being treated with galvanising, metalizing (PVD) and varnishing processes. The care taken over the quality of the finished product is unyieldingly constant, where it is the detail that makes the difference between a good product and an excellent one, something of which the company has always been very keenly aware.

Search for beauty

From the choice of the brass, which is of the highest quality and wholly Italian, through to the packaging of the finished handles, the whole of the production process is characterised by great care and attention to detail, here in the Brianza district of Italy. MANDELLI1953 marks all its products “100% MADE IN ITALY”.

The brand that MANDELLI1953 exports is not only a mark of excellence, but represents all the culture, art and manufacturing ability that has emerged from its Italian traditions, heritage and craftsmanship, while always, through all these years, drawing on the finest technologies available.

Handles design
Handles design


Can an already excellent material be improved upon?

The research department of MANDELLI1953 is sure that it can; which is why it is has developed its VITRIFIED FLUXCOATING system, a protective coating that enhances the appearance of the brass while ensuring it has a long life.

The product goes through a series of preliminary processes, followed by the application of coatings with special resins.

The result is excellent resistance to weathering, shock and abrasion, while the natural shine of the polished brass remains unchanged.

The FLUXCOATING treatment is available for the following finishes: MBR (mat bronze), MSN (mat satin nickel), AB (antique bronze), 28 (antique chrome).